Metalumen Product Spotlight

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Lighting is a true passion for Metalumen. Family owned and operated, Metalumen has been designing, engineering and manufacturing lighting solutions since it’s inception in 1977. This brand represents true craftsmanship of luminaire design and reflects classic design, as well as innovative trends.

Here are some featured products from this design-forward manufacturer.

Sol Boardroom


Delivering outstanding efficacy and an even distribution of light, Sol is the perfect way to add ambient lighting and interest to any ceiling. Interesting on its own, scattered across the ceiling or grouped in clusters at various depths, Sol is ideal for office lounge areas, public spaces or lobbies.

Adjustable on site, allowing for flush lens, 2” drop (or 1”), 4” drop (or 3”) or 6″ drop (or 5″), Sol is versatile and easy to install.
No visible light source or hotspots and available with options for Tunable White or 90 CRI.


Carlisle tc5


The next generation Carlisle (TC5), is a high performance, classically designed architectural troffer, offering outstanding optical system performance, light uniformity and efficacy. The uniform lighting of Carlisle delivers a balanced amount of light to work stations and walls making it an ideal ambient lighting specification for commercial office spaces, schools, hospitals and retail applications.

Five standard lumen packages available for each luminaire size.
Ideal for shallow or obstructed plenums.


RAIL rm4d

RAIL Indirect and Batwing

Well-designed spaces are created by inspired designers working with inspiring products. The RAIL series brings a synergy to any design layout, enhancing architectural detail and creating complementary spatial patterns. Its sleek profile will make a statement in any open space or create interest in your conference rooms, private offices or reception areas.



RAIL 2 (RM2DU – formerly RM2DI)

The new and improved next generation Rail 2 RM2DU (formerly the RM2DI) maintains its industry leading direct / indirect distribution and performance, but adds new and exciting accent lighting options, offering greater flexibility for lighting designers.