Work From Home with cMe2 Huddle Room Light by Brightline

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cMe2 Huddle Room Light by Brightline
The cMe2 Huddle Room Light is a quick set-up credenza or wall-mount that provides the ideal tool for those hard-to-light yet perfect-to-collaborate spaces throughout your facilities. Turn any space into a video-ready communications center with the budget-friendly cMe2. The lights have flawless color rendering, on-board dimming, standard black finish, and are supplied with hardware for Credenza mounting (wall mount option available separately).


Perfect for Work-From-Home Environments

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new emphasis on working from home – and that change has sparked an unprecedented use of videoconferencing. From business meetings to broadcast news reports, webcams are working overtime to facilitate face-to-face meetings from acceptable social distances. Unfortunately, poor lighting hasn’t made it easy to watch. Here are some tips from the lighting experts at Brightline to help you get better results for your next videoconference.
Work From Home with cMe2 Huddle Room Light by Brightline
    1. Don’t sit in front of the window. Open curtains or blinds in the background let in way too much light. All that backlight makes it much more difficult to see you.


    1. Keep your clothing simple. Busy patterns can be difficult for webcams to process, turning that intricate floral pattern on your blouse into a distracting, moving jungle. Even small stripes or checkered patterns on a blazer can cause problems. Solid colors are best.


    1. Avoid cluttered, distracting backgrounds. When it comes to videoconferencing, there’s a very big difference between tidy bookshelves in the background and a messy bookcase with books, papers, and trinkets in disarray. When possible, keep that background neutral.


  1. Steer clear of directional lighting that leaves your face halfway in shadow. Videoconferencing is not about trying to replicate the hard shadows of an old black-and-white detective film.

Work From Home with cMe2 Huddle Room Light

Brightline offers the compact cMe2 huddle room light, which is an ideal option for videoconferencing at home or in the office. It offers on-board dimming so it’s never too bright or too dull, and provides the high-color soft light you need. Share it between rooms with its credenza stand – or get the optional wall bracket for more permanent installations.