Kuzco Contract 2020 Outdoor Introduction

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Kuzco Contract has issued their 2020 Outdoor Supplement. Download the new catalog and take a look at some of the featured products here.

Kuzco Contract’s New 2020 Digital Catalog Has Arrived!



Designed to emulate rectilinear architectural forms the Sonoma exterior bollard radiates light downwards through the four openings in the structure. The gaps serve to elevate the die-cast aluminum square housing higher while providing ample space to radiate the LED luminance. Available in two heights and a curated collection of finishes for a cultivated exterior environment.


Behind the circular flat surface of the die-act aluminum cap is an assemblage of LED sources directed outwards and sealed with a clear polycarbonate lens. As a surface mount used in multiples the reductive shape encourages both austere and complex alignments. Architectural designed high-power LED exterior bollard fixture, die-cast aluminum cylinder with clear PC cover, evenly radiates light downward, illuminates itself and surrounding area. IK10 Rated.