All in One – Blade R from iGuzzini

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Blade R from iGuzzini

Blade R is a compact and miniaturised ring of light, a high-precision masterpiece that makes lighting an element whose style and functions blends perfectly with architecture.

Award Winner – Interior Luminaire of the Year 2020

The Blade R from iGuzzini was recognized as the winner of the Interior Luminaire of the Year award from the Lux Awards 2020. Blade R is a range of compact and miniaturised rings of light that enable the elegant integration of services such as loudspeakers, smoke detectors, emergency lighting and video cameras. The judges cited its functionality and ability to declutter the ceiling while maintaining extraordinary levels of light quality and visual comfort.



With its high level of visual comfort and a central core that can host a range of different devices to meet user requirements, Blade R develops the concept of integration in architecture to improve people’s well-being through the smart activation of safety, entertainment, comfort, sustainability and lighting scenario services.

Blade R from iGuzziniWell-Being

From chaos to order. Blade R developer the concept of integration in architecture ti improve people’s well-being through the smart activation of safety, entertainment, comfort and sustainability services.


Invisible source, ultimate comfort. Blade R costs across ceilings, liberating light and creating a circular ring of just 2 cm.

Extreme Reliability

All Blade R integrated solutions have been tested and certified in compliance with standards regarding luminaires* to guarantee their correct operation also when other devices are attached. (This includes safety, electromagnetic compatibility, photobiological risk and photometry). Blade R_All in One, in terms of reliability too.

Blade R from iGuzzini


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